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Our Services

Our Chalets

We offer generously appointed chalets and the highest level of care and service for our feline guests. All chalets are constructed to the Feline Advisory Bureau’s most exacting standards providing light, airy and comfortable accommodation.

  • Chalets measure 2m x 1.2m x 1m (6’ x 4.5’ x 3’)
  • Each chalet has an outside exercise/play area measuring 2m x 1.2m x 1m (6’ x 4.5’ x 3’)
  • Chalets are provided with beds and scratching post and are individually heated and lit
  • Family units available
  • Relaxing environment with calming music 24/7
  • Inspections welcome by appointment

Feeding, Medication and Grooming


Sometimes owners tell me that their cats ‘will eat anything you give them’, and whilst that may be so at home, it may not be when they’re in unfamiliar surroundings. If you would like me to feed your cat the food they’re used to you will need to bring a sufficient quantity of your cat’s regular food for the duration of their stay if I do not stock it. 

I can offer the following types of food:

  • Whiskers in jelly - fish
  • Purina Go Cat - Fish
  • Felix As Good As It Looks - Ocean Fish

Please note that I do not stock Senior or Kitten food


I am able to give your cat his or her medication as directed, but I regret that I cannot administer insulin injections and cannot, therefore, board cats who need these.


I am happy to groom your cats if necessary, owners will need to provide their own grooming equipment.

Licence and Insurance

We are licensed by Wealden District Council (Licence number: 000023665) and fully insured. We have arrangements with our local veterinary practice in place in the unlikely event that medical help is required during your cat's stay with us.

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